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Concha Rossler

Founder of Mooana

Originaly from Germany, I decided to live near the ocean at a very young age. That may be due to my name, which means “shell”.

I am a true water soul carying a nomadic life in my heart. I found my soul-place on the beautiful rugged coastline of southern Portugal where I decided to settle down thirteen years ago. My love of surfing and the ocean reflects in spending most hours of the day in the water, catching waves. I have twice won the first place on a Longboard contest travelling New Zealand with the simple philosophy to enjoy the moment.

Almost a decade now, I have been teaching surfers of different levels. Experiencing the individual approaches brought me to a deeper interest into the holistic coaching aspect. Through my passionate approach in life and in surfing I have gained a significant position as a female surfer and coach in the Algarve and encourage other women on the way.

Combining surfing with activities relating culture, health, nature, people, yoga and well-being is my goal, which has led me to establish my former business Seasoul Shelter and now Mooana.
It´s all about the right balance in your personal life. Learn to dive into the secret of being happy, healthy and content. Mooana combines the three aspects of that: mind, body and spirit.

Besides gaining a number of certificates studying outdoor sport and managment in the UK I am holding a BHSc in Sports Coaching & Performance. With a profound interest in health and eastern philosophies I am now expanding my knowledge in complementary medicins to become a Doctor in Naturopathy. I am also trained in Yoga Thai Massage, Wellness Massage and Massage Therapy as well as a qualified Vinyasa Krama and Yin Yoga teacher.

I have a burning passion for life in all it’s simplicity. I believe to be kind, to share and to smile at each other is the base of our everyday happieness.

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