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“Sometimes, all you really needed was the company of beautiful sea souls”

A brief insight of Emmas experience with the Seasoul Shelter Surf Retreat in Perranporth, Cornwall.

“A warm welcome really does wonders for the soul, and driving along the Cornish coast felt like coming home. Holding a rich and magical energy all of its own, earthy and wild, and iridescent in colour, I was kindly greeted in Perranporth by a beach front cottage heaven, and as the last to arrive, was ushered in and fed the most delicious bowl of food and an endless supply of tea by my fellow sea souls. I felt calm, contented, and deliriously happy.

Heading out for our first surf together, we were childlike; huge grins and endless giggles, embracing the cold, wet and windy weather. There’s something quite beautiful about surfing in the rain; all the elements against you, thus rewarded with a large mug of hot chocolate and a warm bobble hat; my favourite.

Better weather did eventually grace us with its presence. The warmth of the sun on our skin and those beautiful blue skies - batteries recharged. Slightly less chilly waters made for fun play; a collective of ocean dwellers gleefully splashing around, living, loving and accepting the present, hungry for Cornish waves, and comforted by the irrelevance of all other.

Road trips were plentiful throughout our stay, swapping stories, getting to know one another, sharing our love of music, and life. We visited so many beautiful beaches in the pursuit for surf, and were fortunate enough to have them all to ourselves on many occasions. The vast tub of blue, birds overhead, the rise and fall of the tide; a kinship with the sea was eternally made, as were many special friendships.

With salty hair, sandy feet, and in need of a post surf stretch, we were treated to a wonderful evening of holistic wellness with our lovely yoga teacher Lauren Biddulph. Taking us through a blend of vinyasa and a little restorative, it was the perfect end to a perfect day, and our minds and bodies were ever thankful.

The sense of community in Cornwall is truly apparent. Meeting so many super friendly people during our stay made it hard to imagine leaving. A visit to Ben Skinners surf factory, the boys at Bathsheba surf shop, a tour of ethically sourced and sustainable clothing brand, Finisterre, coupled with endless stunning coastline, sunsets, Cornish food portions, an ale fest and double surf days, oh how we longed for it to never end.

What Seasoul Shelter do is beautifully unique. Surf stoke - for sure, but it’s also about two friends, kindred sea spirits, sharing their experiences, enabling the creation of lasting friendships, and offering a path to calm away from the chaos. Both Concha and Killa hold a very special energy, like magnets, they have an ability to harmonize people with their environment. They have total belief in what you are doing, and offer nothing but honest, heartfelt encouragement. Connecting likeminded people through adventure and exploration in the way they do, is something really rather special.”

As Thomas Traherne once said, “You never enjoy the world alright, til the sea itself floweth in your veins”

Read the full story on Surfgirl Magazine:

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