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Flashback 2016: Concha and the Seasoul Shelters Bali Retreat // SURFRAGETTE

Before Concha set up her Retreats with Mooana she was known under her previous project SEASOUL SHELTER.

Here is a little insight of her work:


Some months ago I talked you about Seasoul Shelter, the surf project of my German friend Concha and her friend Killa (you can read the post here). At that time I asked the girls some questions about the retreats they are offering. Now I was looking forward to catching up with Concha, learning a bit more about her surf experience, how her passion changed her life and the new Seasoul Shelter's retreat destination.

SURFRAGETTE: Hi Concha! It's been such a long time, almost 4 years, since the first time we met in Portugal... What have you done since then? And which places have you lived in?

CONCHA: Hi Marta, oh yes I remember that time well - surfing with you in Portugal. It's been four great and adventurous years since then. To be honest I think I have been living out of a suitcase since I last saw you :)

I went to Cornwall to finish my Sports Performance and Coaching Bachelors Degree after you left Portugal and got into Longboarding over there. Then I spent the past two years mostly in NZ (Raglan & Gizzy) and Australia (Suffolk Park). Both became a home for me and are places I highly recommend to visit. I went on a couple of surf trips as well. One took me to the waves of Mexico (Puerto Escondido & Sayulita) and early this year I went to explore the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican surf life. So yeay, its been quite nice on the surfing side of my life.

S: So, surfing is definitely your biggest passion! Where did you catch your first wave? And how have the ocean inspired you since then?

C: My first time on a Board was in Ericeira, Portugal, about 11 years ago. But I would not say that I caught a wave that day. I believe that it must have been a week after in the Algarve and it was a great feeling. Well, it did change my whole life afterwards. The ocean has become my home, my meditation, my best friend and my workplace.

S: Of all the places you've been during your surf trips, which one had the biggest influence on you?

C: Hmm... I don't know really. But I think that was Margaret River (Western Australia), about seven years ago. It made me become a more competent surfer and opened my eyes to a whole world out there that has to be seen and lived in.

S: Some months ago you shared with us your latest project, Seasoul Shelter. Where will your next retreat take place and why there?

C: Yes. Seasoul Shelter is the business I run together with Killa and the next retreat is going to Bali. This time we will be working in collaboration with Malekai and Fromewhereyoudratherbe. We are running two Yoga, Surf and Wellness Retreats there in January (3-12 JAN 2016 and 13-22 JAN 2016).

Our last surf guiding week was a cold water surf trip in Cornwall to explore the rugged and rough south west coast and waves of the UK. It was great fun and will be happening again in May 2016! This time we are looking forward warm water bikini surf, video coaching, pure relaxation, massage treatments and cultural visits to the temple of Uluwatu and the village Ubud. We are aiming for intermediate surfers, but welcome everyone who knows how to pop up (stand up) on a board in the white water too.

S: Have you already been in Bali? If so, which memories of this place do you cherish the most?

C: I have been in Indonesia in 2010 for three month. Bali was the first place I stayed at and I remember it being very welcoming, easy and safe to get around at - surf wise and in the everyday life. I love the Balinese culture and rituals and believe it is a good place to come and enhance your surfing skills at any level. There is quite some crowd nowadays but I am certain that Bali still provides an unforgettable surf journey for every person out there. Especially when combined with daily yoga and wellness treatments at our stunning location.

S: Would you share some tips with all the girls who'd love to do a surf trip in Bali?

C: Just come along. We like a great mix of people. Easy and simple. Just a bunch of girls having fun and enjoying a bloody good time whilst getting better at our surfing and deepening our yoga practice together.

This makes me want to leave right now!! And this freezing cold weather in western France is not helping... See you in the sea Concha! And why not joining you in your Bali retreat?

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