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April - November 2022

Join us freediving in Portugal.

"Take a slow, long, deep breath in and exhale"

About Freediving
“In order to freedive – and hence live a healthy, balanced life – we must stop trying to control. We must stop doubting ourselves. We must stop pushing ourselves so hard. In order to freedive – and hence life a healthy, balanced life – we must trust in something greater. We must believe that we are part of the miraculous creation of the world around us. We must switch off our intellect and recognise that the greatest wisdom we will ever experience is contained already within our soul and our DNA.” - Sara Campbell


AIDA 1 Freedive Course dates - 120€ :

One - Two days

AIDA 2 Course Dates - 240€ :

Three days

AIDA 3 Course  Dates – 270€ :

On request all of September, October & November possible


Apnea training days:

all throughout September & October (45€ per session)

AIDA Training Week:

All throughout September & October

The AIDA Certificate

Everyone can be certified AIDA 1, for this they have to complete:


1 x theory session

1 x breathing and relaxation session

1 x pool session

1 x open water session


There's no exam and no minimum requirements for depth or breath hold.


For those interested they can certify AIDA 2 in our next course, for this the minimum requirements are:


2 x theory sessions

1 x breathing and relaxation session

2 x pool sessions (one static and one dynamic)

3 x open water sessions

1 x exam


Depth: 16m

Static breath hold: 2 mins

Dynamic (in a pool): 40m


The Program

Over the training days you will:

*learn how relaxation leads to efficiency under the water.
*understand how correct breathing can help you in daily living as well as when on breath hold freediving
*learn about the body's natural dive response
*how to equalise so that you can reach depths safely
*how to dive safely, be a good dive buddy and how to do rescues and you’ll learn how to move with ease and efficiency under the water.

You’ll explore your own comfort zones, your own mind.

Who is this for:

Anyone who loves the water and is active in the water and curious about their own physical and
mental capacities.



Freediving is one of the oldest forms of diving and has been used for centuries. Freediving is basically breath-holding under water and diving as deep as you can without having to surface for oxygen. Interestingly this is a special way to find your inner peace and relaxation. If you manage to clear your head and feel completely relaxed in the ocean, you will be able to dive deep!


Located on the spectacular Costa Vincentina of Portugal our freedive sessions take place around the town of Porto Covo and Vila Nova Milfontes. Monte D'Agua Homestay is our retreat guesthouse with near access to various beautiful beaches and in easy reach of nearby towns. Here in a relaxing environment we also hold our theory and meditation session.

Program AIDA 1 & 2:

First Day


Theory session 1 plus breathing and relaxation (3 hours)  

Swimming pool session 1 (2 hours) 


Swimming pool session 2 (2 hours)


Second & Third Day

Theory session 2 plus breathing and relaxation (2 hours) 


Open Water 1 (2.5 hours) 


Open Water 2 (2.5 hours)

What is not Included:


Transfers to and from the airport, food & accommodation.

This trip is ideal for
This course is suitable for all ages, couples, friends and solo travelers are welcome.

AIDA 1 - 120€

AIDA 2 - 240€

AIDA 3 - 270€



EQUIPMENT RENTAL inclusive for a 25€ deposit payment.

A deposit of non-refundable EUR 50 is required to hold your spot, full balance is to be paid 1 weeks before the start of the retreat.

For more information about the course and places to stay please contact us directly via email.

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