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Detox Week


Dates to be confirmed...

Dates to be confirmed...

About Macrobiotic

COOKING is the highest of all arts and it brings us joy, fun, good taste, beauty and friendship as well as happiness and good health.

MACROBIOTIC is a nourishment method to understand the relation of things in life with each other, incorporating elements from several ancient cultures and emphasizing harmony with nature.
'Macro' meaning big, and 'bios' meaning life, macrobiotic can be also called the art of a great life.

Knowing that what you eat influences the blood that nourishes the organs and the organs have influence on our behavior which influences our environment we live in we can actually change our behavior simply by eating differently.

As one of the foundations of a great life, is having a ‘sustainable diet and what you eat is a very important aspect of your personal health; Mooana in cooperation with 'Annekocht' now offers macrobiotic cooking workshops in Portugal to boost your well-being.

The Workshop
​The workshop includes macrobiotic tuition, explanation, help, coaching, supervision, practice and support.
  A macrobiotic meal after the cooking class, recipes, cooking demonstration and Tea.


The Detox Week
Your week includes macrobiotic tuition, cooking class & cooking demonstration. Yoga, walking or meditation exercise in the morning, macrobiotic full board, recipes & explanation, help, coaching, supervision, practice and support.

Sunday & Wednesday are workshop drop in days with cooking classes in the morning and
evening. Anne demonstrates, by cooking a macrobiotic meal, the basic principles of macrobiotics. After each class Sunday will be a workshop day where everyone is preparing foods for a nice buffet in the end for the party. You can invite friends and family to join the feast for 10€.

anne seidel

About the cook
Based in Hamburg, Germany; Anne is working as a macrobiotic cook and teacher. Her classes are inspiring, vivid and delicious. Her teachings are spiritual influenced with a lot of focus on gratidude for life and nature.
Anne has encountered macrobiotics through yoga and beeing on this path now for more then ten years. She was assisting many differnt teachers all over the world, attending regularly cooking classes over the years and has the first degree in macrobiotics sertified from the kushi institute. She organises detox workshops in the countrysite, cooking classes and circles, one by one sessions, she cooks lunch in the only macrobiotic store in Hamburg and works as a chef cook in seminars for many differnt clients.


Located on the spectacular Costa Vincentina of Portugal, the house is just a 5 minute ride to the beautiful beaches of Porto Covo and in easy reach of other nearby surf breaks. Enjoy daily surfing sessions with your guide and coach, yoga and meditation classes with Lauren, nourishing organic healthy meals and a relaxing environment.

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What's Included:

More coming soon...

This trip is ideal for
This a workshop suitable for all ages, couples, friends and solo travellers are welcome.

Travel Info
More coming soon...

More coming soon...

A deposit of non-refundable EUR 200 is required to hold your spot, full balance is to be paid 2 weeks before the start of the retreat.

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