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Meet Concha - A Mymarini Lady

Lives in: In Portugal’s beautiful countryside near the sea.

Passions: I have a burning passion for life in all it’s simplicity. I love spending my time outside. You find me usually at the seaside or in the ocean surfing, that may be due to my name which means ‘shell’ Being in the nature in generall is very important for me. Having grown up with a family background specialised in complementary medicines I am very passionate about sustainable living, a healthy lifestyle, eastern philosophies, yoga & wellbeing in general. Exploring countries and cultures has been a big part of me too. I have been a nomad for many years. Now I am rooted in Portugal with my veggie garden but I still enjoy visiting other continents; mostly New Zealand.

In my free time I surf, climb, sail, ski or spend my time venturing along our beautiful coastline. I like to treat myself to a good wine and cheese, I am always up for a cafe break, a nice chat with friends and I love dogs, donkeys and old cars.

Favorite spots: My home, Aljezur in Portugal. But my heart travels back to places I have had the pleasure to live for a while: Raglan in New Zealand, Suffolk Park in Australia, St Agnes in Cornwall and Mexico (which I have visited only)

Tell us a bit about your last Project Seasoul Shelter & new project Mooana: Almost a decade now, I have been teaching surfers of different levels. Experiencing the individual approaches brought me to a deeper interest into the holistic coaching aspect. Through my passionate approach in life and in surfing I have gained a significant position as a female surfer (longboarder) and coach in the Algarve and encourage other women on the way.

My former project Seasoul Shelter was born with the idea of sharing surf travels and a healthy lifestyle with like minded people, forming connections and providing a unique surf experience. To tailor our travel programs and offer quality service such as yoga classes we collaborate with other organisations. Being an ocean lover with a big interest and background in health and wellbeing I have now expand that concept to offer a more holistic service with my new business Mooana.

And Mooana? Mooana or “moana” in polynesian means Ocean. The idea is to boost an overall healthy lifestyle of the individual in combining Surf, Soul & Wellbeing; by providing a platform offering holistic designed classes, workshops and travel programs.

It´s all about the right balance in your personal life. Learn to dive into the secret of being happy, healthy and content. Mooana combines the three aspects of that: mind, body and spirit. And surfing sort of brings you back to simplicity and the pure meaning of life. It lets you enjoy the moment and makes you feel alive. It changes your perception of things and lets you grow. If you surf you know what I talk about! “Join Mooana and let the sea take you on a journey…”

How did you discover MYMARINI?

The first time i saw MYMARINI was on an online shopping search in 2015 for a new swimwear. The navy blue seabody caught my eye then but as i was living in New Zealand at that time, shipping logistics made the purchase impossible.

A year later then back in Europe I saw my friend Marta from ‘Surfragette‘ wearing a MYMARINI and decided to get one for myself.

Read the original article on Rolling Seafareres:

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