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Macorori First Light Longboarding Contest

„Out East and the Encounter of the Makorori First Light Longboarding Surfing Classics, New Zealand“

Concha Rossler from Mooana talks about her surf contest experience in Kiwi-Land.

Imagine a green island with cristal blue sea and peeling offshore waves – that is New Zealand. To be more specific that is Gisborne, located on the sunny East Coast of the North Island. "Gizzy" as its known by locals is the first city in the world to see the sun each day and is one of New Zealands best and most consistant surf destinations. It is also the area where you find most of the Maori Culture still existing.

Every year since 1994 surfers from the 'far east' of the island get together to celebrate the ocean and the beauty of riding waves: 'Makarori First Light Longboarding Surfing Classics' is a family orientated, fun, social and unique event and welcomes all levels of surfers to join.

Having spend some of my past winters in this exclusive and adorable town amongst the loveliest people you can imagine I happened to be right back for another visit on the day the 'First Light Longboarding Contest' was hold.

The conditions could not be any better. 2-3ft off shore winds, blue sky and real summer temperatures provided the ideal platform for 73 surfers of all ages to show their surfing skills. It had to be a good day.

In that event it did not matter much that I had not slept that night as I had just flown in from Indonesia with a massive jetlag or that I did not even have a longboard – this was to be solved.

Fortunately my dear friends from Perranporth, Cornwall living at Wainui Beach, NZ where happy to share their McTavish Original 9' beauty of a board with me. And so the excitment of competing begun for me that day.

The standard of surfing was excellent but results were secondary to the bonding and socialising among surfers and spectators.

This is to thank organiser David Timbs, who keeps the spirit of the contest alive with his compassionate vision of this gathering. When at a shortboard comp it tends to be the winner takes all this comp is more about the atmosphere and enjoying the grace of having a longboard under your feet.

Having won the 1st place at the Makorori Longboard Contest feels less important than having gained wonderful new friends and a place amongst their charming surf community.

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